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Jorge Perez Trading One Ocean Penthouse for Condo at Auberge FTL

June 29, 2016 by Lucas Lechuga
[caption id="attachment_18567" align="alignnone" width="5000"]Auberge FTL Auberge FTL[/caption]

Developer Jorge Perez has placed his $20 million One Ocean penthouse on the market, in South Beach, and at the same time gone into contract on a $2.4 million unit at Auberge Fort Lauderdale, according to a Related Group publicist. He is developing both buildings. When Mr. Perez announced he would be moving into the One Ocean unit he was ostensibly downsizing for retirement, and a $20 million unit in the most expensive part of South Beach made sense for a billionaire's retirement pad. Has Jorge Perez, who isn't exactly known for modest architecture, all of a sudden want a quiet, peaceful existence out of the hubbub of Miami, or could the Auberge 'purchase' just be another marketing push?

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