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Paramount Bay Update

April 20, 2012 by Lucas Lechuga

Paramount Bay

Earlier this afternoon, I was in the neighborhood so I decided to stop by Paramount Bay to get an update on pricing and availability and also to check on the progress that has been made to the common areas.  The amazing news is that Paramount Bay is now 69% sold.  That’s a remarkable feat given that the common areas were (and presently still are) a work in progress when sales launched on November 7, 2011.  Early buyers were rewarded generously, however, for believing that current ownership would deliver a building with common areas of superb quality.  There have been several price increases since November and, after touring the building today, I can tell you that early buyers made a very wise decision. Contractors have worked earnestly on the common areas since November and prices have adjusted accordingly as completion approaches 100%.  From what I saw today, Paramount Bay is shaping up to be one of the finest condominium buildings in all of Miami.


Paramount Bay lobby

mail room

billiards room

Paramount Bay

seating area

seating area at Paramount Bay

Paramount Bay swimming pool

I also discovered that there are two penthouses still available for sale at Paramount Bay.  Both have 4,437 interior square feet along with 736 square feet of terrace.  One is located on the 45th floor and currently is being offered at $3,685,900 while the other is located on the 46th floor and is asking $4,001,900.  Below, you will see the price ranges that currently exist for the various floor plans at Paramount Bay.  Keep in mind that pricing is expected to increase as the common areas near completion.

Paramount Bay pricing

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