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Week in Review: Brickell Backyard Section of The Underline Receives Large Donation, Auberge Reserves 50 Units in 5 Days and Other News

February 20, 2016 by Sarah Elles Boggs
The Underline's Brickell Backyard

Brickell Backyard Section of The Underline Park

This week brought great news for supporters of The Underline, a new park that is being developed beneath the Metrorail lines from the Miami River down to Dadeland. Each station is individually funded and the Brickell Backyard section received a $75,000 donation this week from local developers.

The Underline will begin construction in the Brickell phase and continue down 10 miles of the rail tracks. They have also secured $5 million in grants and funding from developer impact fees, Miami Dade County and Florida Department of Transportation. Friends of the Underline CEO & founder, Meg Daly hopes to begin construction by the end of 2016.

Residents of Brickell have been increasingly vocal over recent years regarding their desire for more park space but have lost out due to the laws of economics. The Underline is a solution that meets the needs of everyone involved, as the area underneath the rail tracks is not able to be sold and developed, but is available for public use. Think: the opposite of New York’s High Line… Underline will be a welcome addition indeed. [The Real Deal]

Speaking of the laws of economics, The Next Miami is reporting that the location of Brickell’s Burger King could face the wrecking ball in favor of a 960 foot tower. It appears that plans have been submitted to the FAA requesting permission to build up to 960 feet above sea level on the site.

Before you cancel your reservations on your north facing apartments at Brickell Heights and hoard a box of Whoppers, let’s take a look at all of the evidence. Yes, a tower could be built on the land and this will likely happen one day. No, the Burger King strip center is not the highest and best use of the lot (particularly after Brickell’s recent growth spurt). We do believe that a tower will be built on the corner, but the likelihood of it happening anytime soon is very low.

The parcel of land at 10 SW 8th Street includes the Burger King on the east side all the way over to La Sandwicherie on the west side. The shopping center was last sold back in 2006 and no developer has been named for this proposed tower. Since shopkeepers in the strip center have been open about the fact that the building is being prepared for a sale, we sense that the proposal is simply a plan to increase the value of the lot in preparation for going to market. Whether or not the sale would happen quickly is another conversation altogether. For the forseeable future, we will continue to enjoy our late-night La Sandwicherie subs in peace. [The Next Miami]

A little further north, Auberge Residences and Spa certainly had a large week. They released their first inventory on February 10 and successfully reserved 50 apartments in their first 5 days in market! Given the feedback we have received, we hope that the lucky buyers who were able to secure a reservation hold onto their position when contracts are issued. Many people were disappointed to learn that certain floor plans have already been spoken for. Contracts are expected in late March. [The Next Miami]

While buyers were scurrying for opportunities in the Arts District, buyers of Miami Worldcenter have been scavenging for information regarding the revamped plans of their shopping center. This week finally brought additional details with renderings of the new open-air shopping concept that will replace the enclosed mall that was originally planned.

Some have praised Miami Worldcenter for their revised plans and some have begun to question the development. Have a look at the new renderings and let us know what you think… [Curbed Miami]


Miami Worldcenter Shopping

Miami Worldcenter Promenade

Miami Worldcenter Aerial

Miami Worldcenter Aerial

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