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Delayed by a Year, American Dream Miami Will Have More Traffic Than The Magic Kingdom

June 27, 2016 by Sean McCaughan

mall traffic

American Dream Miami, which is planned to be the largest shopping mall in the world, has been delayed by a year due to traffic concerns by the county. Although developer Triple Five Group had submitted plans to the county, for approval this year, they withdrew the request after the county said it needed more information about the impact of traffic from the project. It also gave it to them. The new traffic analysis is 4,500 pages that covers the mall’s potential impact from southern Broward to Hialeah and Miami Lakes. The analysis predicts 70,0000 trips a day, and 5,200 during up from afternoon rush hour. That’s more people than go to the Magic Kingdom, the busiest theme park in the world.

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Aside from greed, there is absolutely no good reason to move ahead with this ridiculous project. We already have two of the ten largest malls in the U.S. (Aventura and Sawgrass — both currently undergoing massive expansions)! all this proj will succeed in accomplishing is to suck economic vitality out of far more accessible areas including Miami and Ft Lauderdale CDBs, the beaches, and the above-mentioned malls. Apart from being a ghastly monstrosity it promises to create a transportation juggernaut and environmental catastrophe. Truly an American nightmare!

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