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Alfred Browning Parker’s Sublime ‘Woodsong’ House Has Hit the Market

June 21, 2016 by Lucas Lechuga


The famed postwar architect of many of Miami's most striking subtropical homes, Alfred Browning Parker designed and built this Coconut Grove house, which he called 'Woodsong,' for himself in 1968. A series of pavilions bisected by a serpentine lap pool, deep in the Coconut Grove hammock, Woodsong sings. Since being owned by Parker, the house has traded hands a number of times, and yet it is, incredibly, still in absolute mint condition. The only weak spot might just be the kitchen. Although that space appears to have been sensitively updated, very standard-looking appliances and non-custom cabinetry from Home Depot or somewhere just don't do justice to the quality of this house. Located on 3003 Seminole Street, Woodsong was listed twelve days ago for $2.75 million.

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Marcia Raff

Gorgeous Architecture. I wish Al could see this article.

Rebecca Steiner

What the hell did they do to this house. Completely downgraded from the previous cover on magazines. It looks awful.


do you have a link to the previous images?

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