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Al Capone’s Miami Beach Compound Has Sold to European Soccer Agent Mino Riaola for $9M

August 18, 2016 by Sean McCaughan
Previous listing photo.

Previous listing photo.

The Miami Beach compound mobster and Mr. #1 on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, Alphonse Capone lived, and died in, when not in Chicago, has sold to European soccer agent Mino Riaola for an estimated $9 million. The actual amount has apparently not been made public. The house is located at 93 Palm Avenue, on Miami Beach’s Palm Island. Although the Miami Herald broke the news, the story appears to have been taken down from the paper’s website, which is a little odd. Curbed Miami reblogged it in time, however.

The Palm Island waterfront home was saved from a desperate state and likely destruction and restored to something closer its original appearance by its former owner, who listed the restored house in 2012 for $10 million, had trouble selling it for years, took it off the market to use as some kind of event/film venue, and by now is probably glad to be rid of it. That’s pretty unfortunate because, even though it is kind of an odd house, with a scandalous reputation, it’s still fantastically historical, and still classy. I covered the house frequently while Curbed, so check out their archives. Hopefully Riaola will take care of the house as it deserves to be taken care of, and correct a few of  the mistakes in the renovation. As I noticed during a tour of the house a few years ago with my friend Dana Herndon, who wrote this excellent piece for Curbed on the house, although the renovation undoubtedly saved the house, it appeared at the time to have been done on the cheap.

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