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Another AC Hotel by Marriott is Coming to Miami, This Time in Edgewater

August 10, 2016 by Sean McCaughan


A decade ago, the only people who would dare get a hotel room along Biscayne Boulevard anywhere north of Downtown Miami and the city border were the occasional oblivious out-of-towner, and hookers. Boy has all that changed. Boutique hotels have moved in, with the Vagabond changing literally everything, and now the chains are following. Across the street from the under construction Hampton Inn, an AC Hotel by Marriott is being planned at 3400 Biscayne Boulevard, according to the Next Miami. It’s by the same developer as the Hampton, which is expected to open in September, and appears to have a somewhat similar design to the AC Hotel on Miami Beach, which is also a Kobi Karp… um, creation.

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