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Introducing Our Marquis Condos Website

August 1, 2010 by Lucas Lechuga

Marquis Miami condos

We put the finishing touches on our Marquis Miami condos website earlier this afternoon.  Once again, we’re delighted with the end result and are proud to officially launch it.  The site is dedicated to condo news, listings and information specific to Marquis.  There you will find Marquis available condo sales, available rentals, recent sales, recent rentals, floor plans, charts, videos, resident reviews and a blog dedicated to all news relevant to Marquis.  Listings for Marquis condo sales and rentals are updated every 24 hours.

This is the third website that we’ve launched within the past month.  We are very pleased with the success of our Marina Blue condos website.  Within a month of launch Google has already ranked it number 12 for the keywords “Marina Blue condos”.  I’m confident that it will continue to move up the rankings in the months to come.  We’re currently working on a building specific website for 900 Biscayne Bay condos.  That website should be finished within the next two weeks.  Our plan is to then launch a website dedicated to Paramount Bay condos in preparation for when the building begins closings.

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Lucas, Why did you pick these particular buildings to launch your websites? Why not 50 Biscayne or Quantum?

Lucas Lechuga

We wanted to start with the new high-end buildings. We’ll eventually get to 50 and Quantum.


Hey I just stumbled across a great new restaurant for people working or living in Downtown or Brickell. Name is Ceviche 105 at 105 N.E. 3rd Av. Corner of N.E. 3rd Av. and N.E. first Street, one block off of Biscayne Blvd. Authentic Peruvian dishes but more upscale than your typical Peruvian restaurants u see in Miami. Has a bar, takes reservations, valet parking but close to the Metro-Mover First street station. Place is packed for lunch and dinner.


Not sure I’d call it upscale, but Ceviche 105 rocks.


Kramer, Cviche is old news. Where have you been? That little restaurant has been talked about in almost every rag from New Times to Herald.

Lucas Lechuga

Keep in mind that July is the dead of Summer, typically the slowest month of the year.

I have been reading this blog for some time but haven’t posted before. It is a great blog and has been very helpful. Thanks Lucas. I have a question, if anyone out there knows. I had been looking around at condos on and off for some time. I found one I liked and contacted the listing agent as I didn’t have a buyer’s agent (sorry Lucas but it wasn’t in your market area so didn’t want to waste your time driving me around in a market you aren’t in for such a modest purchase – definitely not one for your… Read more »

I was recently in town looking at a few places, quite liked the Caribbean in Miami Beach… anyone knows of anything good or bad about it that could be shared?


Wild Bill
why bother

Wild Bill, Good piece. Thanks for posting. That thing (Miami World Center) has always been a pipe Dream. I know it is not going to happen. Another loony idea that will never get built is the Miapolis on Watson Island.
Some possible buildings that might become reality are the Capital on Brickell, 1 Bayfront Plaza and a few others in some years from now.


why bother — Thanks for mentioning Miapolis. I needed a good laugh.

What Do You Think

Hi, Josh post #8 – No One responded to your post regarding whether or not to have your Florida attorney look at the transaction on the closing day. As you stated that you seem to have a quite bit of experience in this matter. So what was the outcome? Did you close? Did you use the service of Florida attorney? How did it go? I am curious. Thanks

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