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Views from the 54th Floor at 50 Biscayne

June 5, 2009 by Lucas Lechuga

Earlier this afternoon, I showed a 2 bedroom + den/2 bath rental at 50 Biscayne on the 54th floor.  I wanted to share the pictures below with those who haven’t had a chance to visit an east facing unit at 50 Biscayne.  Asking price of the 2 bedroom + den with 1,357 square feet is $2,600 per month.

Northeast view from the 54th floor at 50 Biscayne:

East view from the 54th floor at 50 Biscayne:

Southeast view from the 54th floor at 50 Biscayne:

50 Biscayne southeast view

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7 Comments on "Views from the 54th Floor at 50 Biscayne"

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Bmw m3

Lucas bro, that rental is wayyyy overpriced. 2 bedrooms in 900 biscayne cost that much! Com’mon bro! Brooooooo! Bro?


ahh hello I know all to well $1600.00 bro and hate to use that term but that whats your site is amouning too..between all those wanna bees and those posing as another I mean common….First off 50 Biscayne is the Flamingo of Crack town as dogs crap in the hallway while renters yawn off their hangover as its goinna be a stripper/bouncer I said Flamingo downtown!!! get out while you can and MIA can you say waste of time!!!!

That looks like the same unit I looked at several months ago. I think maybe the one I looked at was on the 53rd floor, SE facing corner unit. Come to think of it, it may have been this exact unit. If I remember correctly the asking price was around $600,000+ and it was decorator ready. The views were nice but the floor plan blew and it was pretty freaking small considering the price. This unit was from the developer. I guess it would be alright for a rental but I sure wouldn’t want to buy it with any intention… Read more »

Thanks for the link. absolutely mindblowing. I thought this will not happen until the year 2100. Looks like we are getting fried already.


OMG. I can’t even imagine so much rain to cause that flooding.


Myself.errr I mean aj isn’t the new publix and Asia de cuba in Mary brickell village square so walkable? I give it a walkabilty rating of ten stars. What’s ALSO walkable is the sidewalk in midtown! Wa-wa-walkable.


I didnt know MBV has an Asia de Cuba. I thought it is a signature restaurant of Mondrian group of hotels and is only located in their hotels in NY, LA, Miami etc. Confirm?

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