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Apogee Beach Renderings

November 5, 2011 by Lucas Lechuga

Apogee Beach

As many of you already know, Apogee Beach is a luxury beachfront condo development which will be located in Hallandale Beach. Pre-construction sales recently began and 40% of the total 49 units at Apogee Beach have already been sold. The developer behind the project is The Related Group which of course also developed Apogee South Beach, one of South Florida’s most exclusive condo developments. Apogee South Beach set the bar extremely high when it comes to quality and attention to detail. Name recognition and reputation go a long way in this business and perhaps there’s no better name for a new condo development to be associated with than “Apogee”.

After reviewing the renderings for Apogee Beach, however, I could not help but think that it bears an uncanny resemblance to two Miami condo developments – 50 Biscayne and Icon Brickell.  The lobby for Apogee Beach appears to be a clone of the lobby at 50 Biscayne while the kitchen and bathroom are glaringly similar to those at Icon Brickell.  What do you all think?

Apogee Beach lobby

Apogee Beach rendering

50 Biscayne lobby

50 Biscayne’s lobby

50 Biscayne lobby

50 Biscayne’s lobby

Apogee Beach bathroom

Apogee Beach rendering

Icon Brickell bathroom

Icon Brickell’s bathroom

Apogee Beach kitchen

Apogee Beach rendering

Icon Brickell kitchen

Icon Brickell’s kitchen

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4 Comments on "Apogee Beach Renderings"

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Sharp Eye Lucas!! Yes they look the same. Also 50 Biscayne and Icon Brickell are also projects from Jorge Perez so is Apogee. I guess they are saving on architects using existing renderings I guess LOL. But nothing wrong with that. They look beautiful anyway even if not exclusive.


probably the same software and technician creating the rendering! just edit the previous file a bit, and leave early for a beer 🙂


Looks like the buyer financing the construction model is working for related. Sales have done so well that not only have they increased their asking price but they’ve also increased the deposits from 70% to 80%.

Presales Top 40% At Proposed Apogee Beach Condo Tower In South Florida

“Originally, the Apogee Beach was slated to sell at an “average” price starting at $350 per square foot with a 70-percent deposit. The latest pricing schedule shows the lowest “average” asking price is $382 per square foot with an 80-percent deposit, according to the revised presales literature.”

Short sale

Great property I may have a buyer. Can these be put into rental pool? Do you have a referral program?

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