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A Picture & Video Tour of 50 Biscayne in Downtown Miami

October 25, 2007 by Lucas Lechuga

50 Biscayne

I had walked into 50 Biscayne a few times prior to today but didn’t have my camcorder on me each time. I wanted to share with everyone what a great job The Related Group of Florida did with this development so I decided to go back to 50 Biscayne today with the objective of sharing some pictures and video of the common areas with my readers.

Today, I was able to get shots of the lobby, swimming pool deck, fitness center and views to the east from the 10th floor pool deck at 50 Biscayne.

Below you will find a picture slideshow of each at 50 Biscayne:

The following will show you the video that I shot today of the lobby, swimming pool deck, fitness center and views to the east at 50 Biscayne:

I took a peak into the two club rooms but each was locked so I wasn’t able to shoot either of those. Both looked very well decorated, however, from the peaks I got through the doors of each. The valet drop-off area was also very impressive, with a cascading water feature along the wall. I forgot to get shots of the business center at 50 Biscayne located on the main floor.

Of the 529 total condos at 50 Biscayne, I’ve been able to find 33 recorded closings. There can be a 2-3 week delay in recording a closing. Hundreds more are likely to follow in the coming months. Closings began October 1, 2007. I’m expecting about an 18.7 percent default rate at 50 Biscayne. That’s just my estimation, however. Take it for what you want. Enjoy!

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8 Comments on "A Picture & Video Tour of 50 Biscayne in Downtown Miami"

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Juan GM

Hello Lucas,

I was curious as to the average preconstruction square foot price of this building.



Alex G

Thanks for the updated tour… I’m dying to see the club rooms.

I actually was able to tour this building and I must say it was impressive. Related did a hell of a job and the finishes were excellent. The ameneties deck looked like the Shore Club on SOBE’s sister. Very well done.. spacious and extragavent. The gym was also very nice and the party room was well appointed. The drive up vallet was impressive with the cascading waterfall. Very sheik with the zen type lobby all complimented well. I just hope that Marina Blue does as good or a better job than this all around. But props to 50 Biscayne for… Read more »
Alex G

RA, I totally agree. Related exceeded my expectations with this development. It looks like they went well beyond what they promised in brochures and marketing materials. I hope the other developers do the same!

Albuquerque real estate

That’s a lot of treadmills!

Alex G

Yeah, and each of the treadmills/stair masters have their own little LCD screen. State-of-the-art!

Alejandro Diaz

I really like all the ammenities, alhough I still think theres going to be a fallout rate of 35% of people not being able to close since many specualators cannot get financed now

Alex G

I heard they were trying to get all their closings done by the end of the year. I guess we’ll soon find out how well it goes…

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