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Miami Condo Investments Is Going To The Movies! Cinemex At Brickell City Centre Update

March 9, 2017 by Sarah Elles Boggs


Last month, we received information that the Cinemex movie theater in Brickell City Centre was set to open on February 17. This news was welcomed with much excitement by the people who have been waiting patiently to see a movie in Brickell. The people with Swire were less impressed. It seemed there were some delays behind the scenes that we were unaware of, and the opening day was pushed back to March 17.

As that date draws nearer, the permits still haven’t been closed out and opening day is rescheduled for March 24. This process of final permits always leaves us with very fluid dates. The date that they are closed out depends upon the schedules of the inspectors, contractors, the amount of paperwork on the desk of the inspectors and a host of other moving parts that could create a delay. Even so, we took a peek inside this week and saw that things are indeed very close to completion.

We are just as anxious as everyone else to see the theater open! This is something we have wanted to have in the neighborhood for 10 years now, and at last it is SO CLOSE! We have even signed on to have a 30 second commercial that will air before each movie on each of the 10 screens at the theater, starting on opening night. We are so eager to see the theater open, we can’t wait to show it to you! What do you think?

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12 Comments on "Miami Condo Investments Is Going To The Movies! Cinemex At Brickell City Centre Update"

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Brittany Wiggins

Can’t wait for this!!!


Is this actually going to open tomorrow, March 24th?

Eddie Rezende

I went there to check if it would open today (Mar 24th) but it seems that it will not. Nobody could inform a specific date…


Is not happening until 2 or 3 weeks…just swinged by and they told me the grand opening will not happen until 1 month…shocker…


This blog is SUPER helpful.


This mall is ridiculous. Everything is opening in stages and the movie theater is another prove that they cannot get their act together.
They keep pushing their opening more and more.
Please work like if you were in a 21st century project even if you belong to the CINEMEX chain of theaters (based in Mexico). I wonder if it would be the same case if it was AMC or REGAL.
Maybe CINEMEXICO just like the owners of the rest of the mall do not care about making money.

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