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Miami Real Estate Review – Episode One

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Over the past couple of months, we’ve been working on a project that we hope will separate ourselves from other South Florida Realtors and allow us to disseminate market news and information to our audience in an efficient and innovative way.  The video that you see below is the result of an idea that was born a few months ago.  We decided to launch a real estate video show.  This initial video provides an overview of what we have in mind for our video show and demonstrates how we’ll utilize the iPad in conjunction with it.

6 thoughts on “Miami Real Estate Review – Episode One

  1. fantastic job! should i be buying real estate in the greater miami region you guys are my first choice! keep it up!

  2. Great guys. I love the idea. In fact I am curious who does IT part of it? Can you recommend them? I am getting involved in a new enterprise here in NY which is commercial medical buildings and thinking about video tours. So Lucas if you could recommend your support person I would appreciate it.


  3. Thank you everyone! I appreciate the kind feedback.

    We currently host the videos on YouTube. We’re toying with the idea of having the videos privately hosted but we need to see if there’s any slowdown in the playback.

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