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Miami Beach Mansion Bequeathed to Pet Chihuahua Sells For $8.4M

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Conchita the Chihuahua

Gail Posner, daughter of billionaire business magnate Victor Posner, made national headlines in 2010 when it was discovered that her Miami Beach mansion was bequeathed to her pet Chihuahua Conchita and two of her other dogs along with a $3M trust fund.  According to her will, the dogs were to be taken care of by her staff which were to receive a grand total of $27M upon her death.  Conchita, who was considered to be the “world’s most pampered dog” by Gail’s own accord, had her own bedroom and bathroom in the waterfront mansion, a $15,000 Cartier necklace and weekly spa treatments.  Posner’s son Bret Carr was left only $1M. To no one’s surprise, Carr quickly contested the will.

Gail Posner's Miami Beach mansion

The hotly debated Miami Beach home sold last Friday for $8.4M.  The 7 bedroom, 8 bath, 2 half bath waterfront estate had 9,700 interior square feet and featured a center courtyard, elevator, 2 fireplaces, enormous master suite, separate gym and staff quarters resting on 156 square feet of waterfront.  According to public records, Gail Posner purchased the home for $8.3M in September 2005.  No word on where Conchita and the other two poochies will now reside.

Gail Posner's Miami Beach mansion

Gail Posner's waterfront home



4 thoughts on “Miami Beach Mansion Bequeathed to Pet Chihuahua Sells For $8.4M

  1. Lucas,

    Its Chris @ HousingFear… Long time no see.

    I am dying to know what happened with the probate and results of this trial. I have searched the internet for 30 minutes and no new articles have been posted since 2010 it seems.

    Did the son win the house and sell it? or did the various bodyguards/maids/hired help get the house.

    I am sure you can access public records and see who won the house based on who is the seller.


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