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Azure Unit 307 – 3 Bedroom/3.5 Bath Luxury, Beachfront Condo

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In this video show we discuss our newest listing.  It’s a 3 bedroom/3.5 bath condo with 2,489 square feet of interior and 366 square feet of balcony at Azure which is located in Surfside.  The condo faces direct east towards the beach and ocean.  The list price is $1,499,000, or $602 per square foot.  I’ve included the floor plan of the unit below the video.

We also discuss a 2 bedroom condo at Azure which we’ll be getting the listing for next week which is adjacent to unit 307.  By combining the two units a buyer can potentially create a 5 bedroom/5 bath with 2 half bathrooms.

Azure 307 floor plan

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