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Apogee South Beach – Now That's a Master Bathroom!!!

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Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to visit a few condo units at Apogee South Beach located at 800 South Pointe Drive in South Beach. The word “sensational” doesn’t even come close to fully encompassing the quality that has gone into this condo development. Apogee South Beach is in a league of its own, with quality that is unmatched by any condo development in South Florida.

The following are a few shots of the master bathroom that I took yesterday inside one of the two condos at Apogee South Beach. Trust me, the kitchens are equally as impressive, if not more so. I’ll likely share the photos of the kitchen at Apogee with everyone in a future post.

Apogee South Beach


Apogee South Beach


Apogee South Beach


Apogee South Beach

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19 thoughts on “Apogee South Beach – Now That's a Master Bathroom!!!

  1. i’ve never seen a shower look so ccomplex. really, it’s like a universal remote on steroids. ahh…that’s my third estate upbringing not being able to comprehend how the second estate bathes.

  2. to me it doesnt look very refined for the price..dont get me wrong it s nice but a bit rough and unfinished…ask an interior decorator to add a few alot of condos in miami

  3. For about $4 million and up, one would expect a few nice features. As Laurent mentioned, pretty plain for such a high cost development!

  4. I’ve visited that building a few times now and I still love it, it is a building in it’s own league as you say but it does carry a hefty price tag. Beautiful either way, it has my vote.

  5. the bigger question – why spend the time and money installing all this stuff. if you can afford to shell out 4+ million, chances are, you’re gonna rip out all of this stuff and do it your own way.

  6. RMP, I think its more about the location and type of units. Like jcrimes mentioned, a buyer at this level would probably just want a shell which they can completely customize to their taste. Lucas, did you take any photos of the pool deck. I’ve seen some photos floating around and it looks very impressive.

  7. Quality is top notch premium.

    But that hefty price is really driven by the size of the units. All units are either 3,100 square feet or 4,100 square feet.

    Those are huge units. Its not like they are small 1 or 2 bedrooms.

  8. Bathroom reminds of the finest a high end hotel. Rather cold I think. When I am in my bathroom showering or peeing, I like to be surrounded by warmth.

  9. At $4m I’d expect attention to detail, not just hansgrohe equipment. Notice the dull, boring, standard light switches and controls. You’d expect something like this to be using Lutron or Merten or Siemens switches, not Home Depot

    Not a 4/5* hotel room bathroom either (features maybe, design/finishes definitely not)

  10. Julian, a heated toilet seat would have been a nice touch. it can get awfully cold in miami with those 2 ton airconditioners blasting out cold air

  11. The outdoor water areas are a nice touch. I was outside the building last night and it had a great vibe too it with all the water features.

    Price per SF wise, its right at the same price level as Setai and Continuum. Although for me, I would still prefer those buildings because beachfront is beachfront.

  12. I hate to crap on a post, but yeah – I agree with some of the above comments: it looks pretty plain to me.

    Other than the water coming out of the ceiling to fill up the tub (which is pretty gimmicky – not a luxury), looks like a standard bathroom in a high-end condo.

    The cheap light switches stood out as well, and that sink looks like a laundry room utility sink. I’ve seen more impressive bathrooms in 4-star hotels.

    And yes, most people buying these things will be ripping all this out, anyways – kind of pointless.

  13. Actually, the bathtub filling from the ceiling looks like an accident waiting to happen. Far too easy to splash water on the floor if you are drawing a deep bath. Wet marble floor + adequate SF to take a long slip = potencial disaster.

    The double sink looks awful. It’s like a horse trough. Finally, as in so many of these chichi designer bathrooms, they seem designed for hotel use rather than for a couple sharing a bathroom. What’s with that cute but useless wooden tray beneath the sink? Where is a woman supposed to store her makeup, creams, lotions, depilatries & feminine hygiene and birth control stuff? Or the man all HIS lotions and potions and hair stuff and shaving gear? The overhead cabinet is not the answer. A vast vanity closet below is.

    Maybe folks who can afford $4 million condos don’t need these products. The rest of us seem to.

    I have a bathroom that resembles this in concept if not square footage. The archictectural look goes away mighty fast when you have to add plastic $9.99 stack-up drawers from B,B, & Beyond to hold basics.

  14. There are two condo developments in South Florida that are selling. One is Apogee and the other is One Bal Harbour. I’ve been in both. Apogee, to me, has higher quality, but One Bal Harbour has much better views. Prices at One Bal Harbour will be much higher than they are now by April. There was a dark cloud hanging over it because everyone (including myself) questioned whether or not they would be able to close all 185 condos. They have closed about 155 condos so far. Once it reaches 100 percent then forget about it. Prices will go up from there. It was priced in the Summer of 2003. Don’t respond to this comment unless you’ve actually been inside One Bal Harbour and know what it’s all about.

  15. Hi Lucas – Are you saying the Summer 2003 prices were reasonable? Won’t there be people in OBH that can’t afford to hold and must sell? Just curious. Thanks.

  16. Hi Lucas – love your blog and read it religiously.

    I have visited One Bal Harbor on two occasions and had actually made some unsuccessful low-ball offers on some of the “01” units last October. I have followed the evolution of this project since 2004 and so have a pretty good feel for it. Many, if not most, of the units were bought by speculators, including quite a few by realtors. My impression when making my offers was that there are very few desperate sellers. As you mentioned, many of the units were bought at 2003 prices, around $500.00 – $600.00 /sf with 20% deposits. Therefore, these buyers are so far refusing to sell below their cost since ultra-luxury beachfront is still hard to find at under $550.00/sf., and even fewer will walk away from their sizable deposits. Add to this the rarity of new Bal Harbor properties, the perk of having a 5-star Regent hotel on the premises and the existence of a large I-only-want-Bal-Harbor buying contingent and I agree, the prices should hold up pretty well compared to other condos.

    As for the building itself, it does have some negatives. HOA fees are very high ($0.90 / sf); the lobby is stunted as it is actually half a lobby with the hotel half split off; the beach right in front of the building is a bit sketchy as it has direct street access and a popular fishing pier; the access to the front of the building is via the Harbor House driveway – not ideal. Having said all that, I would still consider a very well priced “01” unit. So far, the only “deals” are on the less desirable “06” and “o5” lines.

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