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900 Biscayne Bay Amenities Video

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900 Biscayne Bay still remains my favorite of all of the condominium high-rises built in Miami within the past ten years.  The quality of the building and units is unmatched and it has some of the most spectacular amenities of any building that I’ve encountered.  I think after viewing the high definition video below you’ll see exactly why I feel that way.

At this time, about 80 percent of the units at 900 Biscayne Bay have closed or are under contract.  The building is Fannie Mae approved.  Contact us at 305-938-0023 if you have an interest in viewing 900 Biscayne Bay in person or would like to discuss developer inventory.

900 Biscayne Bay MLS condo sales
900 Biscayne Bay MLS condo rentals

15 thoughts on “900 Biscayne Bay Amenities Video

  1. Gorgeous video. Introduction to Miami in the beginning was top notch. 900 is very classy. BTW who shot that video? Good job!

  2. What is a fair price for a 1 bed/2bath rental at 900 Biscayne? I see prices ranging from 1900 to 2400.

    Anyone live at this building, how is it overall (cleanliness, noise, etc…)?


  3. I don’t see sales data for 900 Biscayne on your condo pages? From the looks of it only a handful of units sold in the last year. I know a year ago it was much less than 80% sold. Lucas, could you update your data on the site?

  4. I must be the only person on this site who doesn’t love 900. Looks like generic cookie-cutter construction to me. Ten Museum seems more architecturally ambitious and Marquis seems more luxurious.

  5. SouthBeacher,

    Have you actually toured those three buildings? Ten Museum Park was a HUGE disappointment, in my opinion, when I visited a few months ago. The quality of construction materials used is poor compared to 900 Biscayne Bay and Marquis. Marquis units are nice but the amenities weren’t on the same level as those found at 900.

  6. Elvis,

    The recent sales data on this website is obtained from the MLS. Developer sales are not included in the recent sales data because developer inventory is typically not listed on the MLS. The few sales that you do see on this site are resales from individual owners.

  7. Southbeacher

    You are not the only one and you are 100% correct.
    TMP is much more striking in terms of architectural development and Marquis is in a complete different league in terms of luxury!

  8. Ten Museum is a dump. I have been living at 900 for a year and love it. Tour both buildings and you will see what I am talking about.

  9. I am an owner of a 1 bed room unit at 900. Hummmmmmmmm the building is nice, but the customer service is the worst I have ever had to experience. The master bath unit above me started leaking, they removed the shower above me and found out the shower pan had been installed in a defective way and it had a small hole in it. 900 refused to repair may unit and told me I had to turn it into my homeowners insurance!!!!!!!!NICE TERRA. Next, we have 3 huge ceiling cracks due to “setteling” still not repaired. I have electrical plugs that dont work and my kitchen sink is very loose. 900 will not return any of my phone calls….period. The developer put in the worst waher and dryers made, Eurotech..POS. They are not sold in this country anylonger and the warranties have all expired. They never have worked properly and come to find out there are no dryer vents in the units and the dryers have to be ventless… so I have to replace it at a cost of over $2000. It would not be so bad if the developer would fix theses things, but I cant even get a phone call returned. I have almost given up and might just let the bank have it. I am fed up them. If anyone knows how I can speak to Pedro Martin, I would really like to know.
    welcome to 900!!!!!!!!

  10. Yeah guess its just Carlos and I who think Ten Museum is interesting. I thought the loft interiors were cool (especially in the units where owners glassed in the master bed). Also think the stainless steel kitchen counters & cabinetry looked cool. Liked the whole double height thing also. Just thought 900 was dull and like anything else down in Brickell.

  11. I love 900 Biscayne. I am familiar with all the “new” buildings in downtown and Brickell and can say that 900 have the best amenities by far. Their fitness center is exceptional and the spa staff is friendly and courteous. The video doesn’t show the treatment rooms but they are spacious and gives you a relaxing feeling the minute you walk in. Anyone stressed out by issues with their units or anything else should pay a visit to the spa for a relaxing massage – the therapists are awesome!!!

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