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Enhancements to the Miami Condo Investments Website

January 18, 2009 by Lucas Lechuga

I began to work closely with my website developer this past week to once again launch new features to the Miami Condo Investments website.  Some of the features and updates have already been implemented while several others will soon follow.

Many of you have already noticed that I’ve added the ability for people to view recent rentals of condos in the major condo buildings throughout South Florida.  It’s only half the picture to see what landlords are hoping to get in rent for their condos.  Now, you can view what landlords were actually able to get in rent for their condos, along with the asking price, the date it rented and number of days on the market (DOM) that the condo remained before securing a tenant.  To view this information, click on the View All Miami Condos link on the homepage.  From this page, you’ll also be able to view available condos for sale, recent sales of condos and available condos for rent for a number of condo developments located in the Arts District of Miami, Aventura, Bal Harbour, Brickell, Brickell Key, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach and Surfside.  The historical condo sales and rental prices will be updated about twice per month.

The condo listings widget in the second column of the homepage has also been modified.  My website developer has now given me the ability to create my own neighborhood names.  The Miami category has been eliminated and replaced with the Arts District (Miami) category.  South Beach was added as well to separate those condo buildings located in South Beach from those located throughout the rest of Miami Beach.  I’ll probably further subdivide Miami Beach into various neighborhood names.  This should allow for people to more readily access the listings of condo buildings in the neighborhoods in which they most have an interest.  A few condo buildings that previously weren’t included on the condo listing widget have now been added.

I finally got around to updating the Condo Rankings page.  I adjusted some of the values of the various Miami condo buildings.  The two that I tweaked the most were the location and risk adjustment values. I added Icon Brickell and Ivy at Riverfront to the list as well.

I tend to update the Condo Deals page every 2-3 days but, due to my two week vacation, I fell behind.  Earlier this week, I decided to start from scratch and provide a fresh list of the best condo deals in South Florida.  Some of the stale listings were also removed earlier this afternoon.

I’m excited about some of the new features that you should see soon.  Some of these features will probably roll out within the next week or two while others may take a few months.

  • Condo Development profile pages – Each and every condo development that I have listed on the View All Miami Condos page will have its own profile page.  This page will display a summary of the condo development, various pictures, amenities included, links to available sales and rentals and informational tid-bits about the development such as architect, developer, year built, number of units in the building, etc.  This will take a while to enter all the information on the back-end so it’ll likely be a long work in progress but you should begin to see the first of many profile pages within the next week or two.  The condo development name located on the View All Miami Condos page will be hyperlinked once a profile page becomes available.
  • Stats & Trends – Lots of stats and graphs of the overall market and various South Florida condo developments included on this site sums up this new enhancement.  You’ll be able to choose a condo development, view various stats over a period of time, chart these stats to view trends and even overlay other condo developments to cross-analyze them.  This enhancement will likely be integrated into the site within the next month.
  • Floor plans – This has been something badly needed for this site.  I have the floor plans for most of the new condo developments in Miami.  However, it’ll probably be another 1-2 months before you begin to see floor plans appear on the condo development profile pages.  My website developer still needs to build a nice, clean way to implement this.  I want something that doesn’t look too cluttered nor requires lots of scrolling.
  • Property Search – The property search results page will receive a minor face-lift as well.  Each listing will accompany additional information and the ability to view multiple pictures without ever leaving the results page.  This will cut down on time going back and forth between listings which was previously required.  You’ll now be able to more easily pin-point the listings that are of most interest.  You’ll see this addition within the next week.
  • Saved Searches – Visitors will be able to create a login name, establish a saved search and receive new listings that match the saved search via email.  This will be implemented within the next week or two.

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22 Comments on "Enhancements to the Miami Condo Investments Website"

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Great ideas for the Blog! Looking forward to seeing how the improvements affect discussions on the board. You are continuing to provide excellent and relevant info for the education of those interested in the condos of Miami. Keep up the service-you will be rewarded with great business for these services.

There is a relatively new condo in Coral Gables, 55 Merrick, which you may want to add to your Coral Gables links. Would be great to see the sales and rental activities in that building. Thanks.

Ozzie Guillen

The enhancements look awesome. Keep up the good work.


Hey Lucas,

Great work! Another condo to add would be Artech in Aventura. Thanks.

Kelly Thomas

Good job so far Lucas, all of these changes and additions makes the blog even more interesting and informative! Thanks!



Anyone in here who purchased a unit at Everglades On The Bay with Cabi developers and would like to relate their experience to an investigative reporter from a large local newspaper – please e-mail us with an e-mail adress and or phone number we can contact you at to –


Just keeps getting better. Thanks Lucas!


It is nice to see the effort put in by Lucas to add some real value to the real estate process… the internet is claiming the ‘death of the 6%’, and in most cases I would agree that money is not deserved…. but this blog is an excellent example of going the extra mile and differentiating yourself.


Site looks great, Lucas! Keep up the good work.

Just a suggestion, but you may want to add North Bay Village/Normandy Isles condos as well. There are some nice new buildings there, 360, Bridgewater, etc., and the one I’m currently looking at, The Lexi.

Thanks for all you effort in making this blog what it is!


One of the best centralized websites of intelligent information and insight to the South Florida real estate market…… thank you.


Great improvements Lucas. Keep it up.

Is there any chance you could add a few of the new buildings on the border of Aventura/Hallandale – notably Beach Club, Ocean Palms, Trump, Duo and Ocean Marine Yacht Club? I’m interested in this area and I’ve seen other folks on this board mention some of these buildings.


Hi Lucas, Thank you so much for all the changes. It requires a lot of logistics, thought process and vision on your part. I am sure that all of us here appreciate it very much. Also from the previous article discussions in re to auctions. Miur, thank you very much for your info. I thought as much. I did not get back to you on that quickly due to the great snowy weather here in the Northeast which I love since I enjoy skating and skiing. Returning back to our subject of duscussion. Are there any auctions that are absolute?… Read more »
Lucas Lechuga

I added 55 Merrick and Artech. I’ll have the buildings in North Bay Village up later today.


Thanks Lucas, Reading from NYC, more snow tonight. I would like to see you add an “Auctions Tab” where you actually hold online auctions for both rentals and sales. Jo Donzi


Lucas, you are the man! Gracias amigo!

Trend Trends!

Awesome! I can’t wait to see the Condo Trends on the website!

Toronto Condo Dude

Very impressed with your site Lucas. A good thing that keeps getting better. If you are ever in Toronto, or I am ever in Miami, would love to meet up with you.

The stuff you guys can do with IDX is amazing. We are years behind up here in Canada. Sad for the consumer. Miami condo buyers are lucky to have such a wealth of resources and information available on sites like this 🙂


Great info with the recent rentals data …


Nice additions. Keep up the good work.

I also must say that this blog is only half the fun without AJ.
AJ, if you are reading this, post something. I am sure you can take some time off your vacation.

Mark (not zilbert)

Lucas, your site is more important than the space program! It’s amazing!

Lucas, The site is great! The newly added information regarding what landlords actually received as opposed to what they are asking for, is a godsend for those of us looking to rent and are wondering what to offer. I was wondering if you had any information on the Star Lofts building at 700 NE 25th…I am interested in that building and wondered what the landlords are actually getting for their units…the prices have a such wide range. Thanks for all of the information. It was very helpful when I began looking to move to Miami last year, and has been… Read more »
Lucas Lechuga


I just added Star Lofts on the Bay to the Arts District category. You can now view available condos, recent sales, etc. Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks! This is great!

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