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A Host of Problems

October 12, 2007 by Lucas Lechuga

As many of you have noticed, my website was down since early Wednesday morning. AN Hosting, the company that hosts my site, had a server that crashed. The files that comprise my blog were on that server. Additionally, I was also not able to receive emails during the outage. Those of you who emailed me during the past couple of days likely received an “undeliverable” notification email. Please send your emails again and I will respond promptly.

The worst part of this whole ordeal is that I’ve lost about two weeks worth of posts. Those of you who subscribe to my blog via email, I would appreciate it if you could forward me the emails of the posts that were sent to you since September 28, 2007. It would be highly appreciated.

I really wish that the my hosting company would have told me that my site wouldn’t be up until Friday afternoon because then at least I could have gone to the beach or something. Instead, I was on the phone with them for hours each day with them telling me that my site would be back up shortly. What a frustrating experience!

As you can guess, I’m currently looking for a new hosting company. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. I want a company that stands by their 99.9% up-time guarantee.

The good news is that my site is back up. Business is now back to normal and I’m ready to bring you some fantastic posts within the next couple of days.

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6 Comments on "A Host of Problems"

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Good luck finding a new host, Lucas. You were missed.

Lucas Lechuga

Thanks Bill. It’s great to be back!

Joe DiA

try i used them for years and they are never down


Glad you’re up again


24×7, 365….
check out their website….….
good prices since its a co-local too
(the NAP of the americas is right downtown, 50 NE 9th st….terremark has to have at least a hundred different providers you could choose from that would be a hell of a lot more safe….especially since they use virtual servers).

*speaking of that area….I’m still hoping for 10 museum as well!


Welcome back! I’ve been missing my daily fix. I forwarded you all the Feedblitz emails for the missing period. Sorry if I am the 1000th person to do so.

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