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Instagramer Miami Daedalus Celebrates the Surprising Little Details of the City from Above

June 13, 2016 by Sean McCaughan

We jaded people of the modern world think we know what our towns and cities look like from above, at least generally, in the age of Google Earth, drones, and aerial photography. There’s the Google Map view, taken from planetary orbit, and slightly fuzzy no matter what, or Sim City drone view, always from above and usually loosely from a predictable 30 or 45 degree angle. Then there’s Instagramer and aerial photographer-for-hire Miami Daedalus, which rejects both standards as mundane,  resulting in creative, highly detailed photos exploring Miami’s cityscape in all its glory. One image from just above the the Freedom Tower places the building’s Spanish galleon-topped spire and cupola where it never is, right in front, before a big plunge to the ground below. Another makes foundation excavations, submerged below Miami’s high water line, look just as inviting as a Miami Beach hotel pool. A third, of Vizcaya’s taken from directly above, brings out the many subtle shades of the historic mansion’s red Cuban barrel roof tiles, the grays of the oolitic limestone terraces, and the equally varied greens of the jungle surrounding it.

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