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“Miami Condo Investments is Hype Properties’ exclusive residential real estate broker for Miami-Dade. They have deep and comprehensive market knowledge, give excellent and timely advice, and last but not least, provide top notch customer service. AAA++++++!”

Elizabeth – Miami, FL

Moving to Miami from Chicago, I wanted to have an idea of the local condo market prior to my first visit. As my anxiety built, I decided the best way to get an idea of the market was to go online. After stumbling through various generic real estate sites, I came across the Miami Condo Investments blog. What initially drew me to the site was the straightforward, user-friendly design. The site provides the user with all the information they need to formulate an educated impression of the Miami condo market. After spending 15 or so minutes on the site, I was able to get a feel for different areas within Miami, as well as what prices to expect, through listings, comparables, sales histories, and condo reports. Additionally, the site maintenance allows for accurate depictions of the market conditions. I had been repeatedly running into the problem of finding listings online, only to discover upon inquiring with the agents that they were off the market (in some cases for quite some time!). As impressed as I was with the site prior to coming to Miami, after my purchasing experience the site impressed me that much more. Everything you see on the site you get, the photos, property details and descriptions give you a very accurate depiction as what to expect. I was very satisfied with my experience and would recommend the Miami Condo Investment blog to anyone looking in the Miami area.

Nick – Peoria, IL

When I decided to invest in real estate in Miami, I found the site to be the most complete source of information in Florida. You can rely on their very important statistics and data such as price per square foot, HOA fees, short sales, etc. for just about every region of Miami.  In my opinion as an investor, it’s just like being an insider where you can get your information instantaneously to help your decision making process.

Frederick – Brasilia, Brazil